Common FAQs – Part One.

Common FAQs – Part One.

What are Le Ink tattoo Products made of?

Le ink tattoo ingredients are 100% natural and its main ingredient is derived from a fruit found in rainforests of Central- South America known as Genipa Americana. Local Amazonian tribes use the pulp of this edible fruit for thousands of years to ink their skin.

How long does it last?

Le Ink Tattoo Natural Ink lasts 1- 2 weeks depending on your skin and area chosen.

How long does it need to dry?

Let it dry for 10 mins.

How do I store my le Ink Tattoo product?

Store in freezer if not in use as Le Ink tattoo products are freshly made from100% Natural Fruit Juice and will lose it’s coloring potency if not stored in freezer.

Are they waterproof?

They are water permeable. You can dive into a pool, yet we guarantee long lasting results.

Is this Black Henna?

No. Black Henna is dangerous as it contains a chemical called PPD which can be fatal.